Technical details


A sole two-wheeled vehicle has never been equipped with so many distinctive and ground-breaking solutions at a time.

Stemming from “Made in Italy”know-how, they just aim to achieve best simplicity, efficiency and lightweight nature.

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Where function matches shape. Both from a conceptual and technical perspective, nothing is left to chance. Each part has been contrived, designed and manufactured to effectively perform its function by keeping to the primary project traits: lightweight nature and simplicity.

A small amount of parts, a simple construction way and limited weight make this motorcycle a really unique and exquisite piece of work even from a design and style point of view.

  • A fully different motorcycle concept
  • Research of innovative layout
  • Automotive and aircraft inspired
  • A pure shape with sporty and dynamic lines

An unmistakeable motorcycle that features a monocoque chassis made of carbon fiber. Its cross section is hollow and the inside is shaped as an air duct. There is what we call “traversino”, which is a structural chassis element and an extraction duct at the same time, to evacuate the hot air flowing through the motorcycle.


Front joining assembly3

The motorcycle chassis is composed of a carbon fiber monocoque body and the front joining assembly that is made by aluminum, enclosed on the top and lateral sides.

Due to its nature, it performs several functions.

  • Structural joining assembly
  • Front suspension linkage point
  • Cooling radiator support
  • Integrated expansion water tank
  • Air duct
  • Engine support

The suspension layout includes a double wishbone front suspension and a rear parallel double push-rod suspension system, both with adjustable single shock absorber.
The single front and rear forks are made of carbon fiber, as the rims to guarantee the best lightness solution.


All the solutions are extremely light and designed for the best performance.

The front suspension’s initial behaviour is ‘pro-dive’ whereas its final behaviour is ‘anti-dive’: the suspension dynamically adapts itself according to road conditions and load transfer, ensuring the same response as an electronic active suspension, but with a simpler and lighter mechanism.

The rear suspension is based on the “push-rod” Formula1 system; unlike more traditional longitudinally arranged single shock absorbers, it is actuated from both sides, keeping the same excursion, reducing the wheel travel in the meanwhile. So that a smaller shock absorber can be used and the suspension setup is preserved on optimal values.

Braking systems5

New racing braking system by JJUAN, for a safe braking in all conditions. The whole motorcycle low weight makes it possible to use a single front disk measuring 300 mm with a 4-pistons calliper instead of the dual-disk solution, so that unsuspended masses, inertia, equivalent weight and overall system weight are brought down.

A new friction material along with the exclusive front brake disc by Newfren ensures perfect heat dissipation and thereby prevents fading.

At the rear there is a 200 mm disc with double-piston calliper.


The whole project focuses on aerodynamic efficiency and lightweight nature in addition to integrated parts.  It’s also for this reason that the bike front part has specifically been designed to be fitted with multiple air intakes.

The monocoque is wholly shaped as an air duct and is thus converted into a maxi-extractor; finally the “traversino” is used as a splitter so that hot air flows more easily to the rear side and there is discharged (low pressure and hot air region).


The real unconventional choice: a project completely based on lightweight nature and performance could not be made without a 2-stroke engine.

In a world dominated by 4-stroke engine rules, there is still someone who believes that simplicity, strong specific power and low weight are key factors for a sporting rider. Nothing but a 2-strokes can offer all these good qualities.


The patented electronic fuel injection system, the extractable gearbox, the electronic exhaust valves and the specific dedicated exhausts are just some of the elements making this engine a modern 2-strokes as it should be.

All these solutions simply aim to prove that 2-stroke engine is still living along with the real enthusiasts, that challenges can be overcome and that sometimes “2” is bigger than “4”.

The first hybrid cooling system being currently fabricated. It is a combination of a traditional fluid cooling system and a forced air cooling system.

The first type is achieved through a cooling radiator whose front section is used at its 100%.

The cooling radiator (much larger) is normally situated behind the front wheel and does not receive a full and proper air flow, due to the wheel and fork presence (less than a half of its section is actually reached by air while the motorbike is in motion). A cooling radiator that is placed within a duct (self-supporting air ducts and front joining assembly) makes it possible to fully use its front section and therefore to use a smaller and lighter element.

The fresh air from outside flows into the radiator across the front of the vehicle, after passing through the ducts. The airflow is facilitated by the shape of the front fairing.

A second type of cooling consists of: a centrifugal fan, fastened on the secondary crankshaft, put the fresh air from the environment to the zone around the engine and below the petrol tank, directing it toward the rear exhaust pipe and the low pressure zone.

8Cooling system


Ergonomic research is a key part of the Vins’ project, in order to bring the product closer to the rider’s needs.

The race-inspired narrow seat and the deep chassis recess for knees ensure that the body maximally sticks to the motorcycle in order to get better control over it.

Effort on the upper body part is reduced, the masses to be handled are minimized and best road visibility is ensured at any time.

Broad space for adjustment and customization of ergonomic points such as foot pedals, handlebars and the seat are integral parts of this product, without losing sight of “Made in Italy” top quality.

Such an exclusive motorbike must inevitably allows for some customization opportunities.

We can offer various customization kits that can be combined together concerning both the engine (Full Performance Pack) and the outfit (Ultralight Pack).

Various fairing colours and outfits are also available at the customer’s choice including the really exclusive possibility of choosing carbon-look elements texture (including monocoque). Indeed, we offer a broad fabrics range in which each fabric has a different weave, fiber type and colour so that your motorcycle can become a fully customized art masterpiece.

One further step is the opportunity to create a One-Off special bike. This is fully designed and built around our customer as a genuinely unique machine.

10Customization option