Our know-how to realize the Vins' bikes

We deal with the design and manufacturing of innovative and ultralight sport motorcycles, by taking care of the whole developing process, including composites materials and engine.

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3D Modelling/ Design 1

The most advanced existing software allows us to implement every kind of project.

We are able to properly carry every step out: from the initial photoshop graphic sketch and the 3D modelling with Alias Surface to the engineering with CATIA V5  which enables us to be efficient in multiple stages of the product development:


  • style reasearch
  • surface 3D modelling
  • vehicle layout
  • mechanical components in general
  • chassis/ suspension
  • engine and related components
  • study of the vehicle’s attitude
  • ergonomics
  • feasibility and assembly analysis
  • virtual rendering

We are able to replicate real objects in CAD format, in order to modify them thanks to the FARO CAM2 3D scanner and the POLYWORKS software.

Reverse engineering and Reverse CAD enable us to reconstruct 3D virtual models of an existing physical part in order to improve its performance and the quality controls.


  • Surface gauge with centesimal digital plotter for dimensional inspection and assembly.
  • software polyworks
  • scanner ScanArm

23D Modelling/ Design

Rapid prototyping 3

As “modern craftsmen”, we cannot avoid to apply Rapid Prototyping.

This is why we have a ZORTRAX M300 3D printer with a wide range of printing filament like ABS, rubber and many others.

Starting from our own sketch or from the customer one, we are able to realize the finished and functioning prototype of the product required.

Through our equipment and the composite department, we can ensure an high quality of the finished product, monitoring the whole process from the inside.


  • VS Itama mill
  • Kami lathe
  • CNika 100b

4 Machine tools

The feather in the cup of our firm is the composite department. We are one of the few companies able to perform the whole manufacturing process of a product, from the sketch to the finished part.

In order to ensure the maximum level of quality and control on the finished product, we are directly involved from the lamination on the moulds in the Clean Room, until the autoclave cure and the final finishing.

The autoclave enables us to achieve the maximum level of mechanical and structural performance from the manufacture product; otherwise, it would not be possible to monitor the whole process in every single part and to achieve the highest quality standards required.


After the autoclave processing , the product receives the finishing touch in the dedicated room for the subsequent coating or bonding. Here we have installed the CORAL Polijet suction table which captures the carbon powders, thus guaranteeing a safe and healthy working environment.

By using specific software and the new Bapro dyno, we are able to carry out an in-depth analysis of any 2 and 4 stroke engines for motorcycle.

We particularly provide:

  • engine mapping/tuning
  • calibration
  • power and duration test
  • road and track test simulation
  • combustion chamber pressure monitoring

6Engine Testing