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A unique motorcycle with a modern and original design

The pleasure of the track directly on the road.

The Duecinquanta Strada is an ambitious motorcycle which is a summary of innovation and tradition to achieve the best performances and be the lightest supersport motorcycle in the world.

A motorcycle with a funny and sparkly character which, thanks to his lightness, is able to give the maximum performances on the mountain roads – in which the control is crucial – in total safety.

Designed as a structural element, the unique monocoque chassis has also an ergonomic and esthetic function, becoming seat subframe and design shape. The ergonomic position make the fans enthusiastic, thanks to his recall at the feeling of the last 2 strokes motorcycles.

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The perfect match between mechanics and design.

A nostalgic motorcycle with a sight towards the future.

Designed to be at the highest level, the Duecinquanta road version is a unique combination of unconventional solutions: from the carbon fiber monocoque chassis to the alternative front and rear suspensions scheme, where every single component is optimized to carry more then one function.

The design, strictly derived from the Competizione model, is inspired by the modern and sharp-cornered motorcycles, with a determined style and volume changes, but also wink to the old style with classic shape which cover entirely the engine and intermesh old and new.

Compared to the first version, the new one has a modern layout with the lights in a vertical way – to guarantee the same area for the radiator ducts – and a new design for the tail.
From the tail to the tank, from the chassis to the front fairing, the Vins Duecinquanta Strada keep a uniform shape in all his dimensions. A design created for a match of performance, comfort and style, designed to emphasize the technique innovations: from the engine to the unique cooling system with the radiator fixed into the chassis.

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