The Atelier tailored for you

In Vins we love follow every stage of the creation of our bikes in our Atelier like a modern artisans. Care, dedication and attention are part of our developing process; characteristics the we includes in what we offer to you.

What we offer? 

Mechanical design

We use Catia V5, one of the most advanced CAD software, for the design stage. Thanks to this is possible realize every project and we are able to cover all the processes to realize high quality products.

  • Vehicle layout
  • Mechanical components
  • Cassis and suspensions
  • Engine and accessories
  • Set-up study
  • Ergonomic study
  • feasibility and assembly study

Design & Style

We use Photoshop for the virtual sketches and photo editing, Alias Surfaces for advanced shape modelling and Vred Software for renderings. We are able to create tailored design projects starting from the sketch to the 3D models ready to be industrialized, paying attention for the maximum quality.

  • Sketch and style research
  • Virtual modelling of shapes
  • Rendering

3D scan

We are able to replay real objects with the CAD softwares, converting them thanks to our scanner 3D CAM2 by FARO and the POLYWORKS software. The Reverse Engineering and Reverse CAD allows to make 3D survey, adding the quality control on an object equal to the original or improved, compared to the original one

Rapid Prototyping

Being “modern artisans” we can’t do without rapid prototyping: for this, we have a ZORTRAX M300 3D printer with a large variety of materials: from classic ABS to the rubber, through differents types of plastics.

Machine tools

We realize, from our or customer sketch, the finished and serviceable prototype desired. With our machines tool and composites department we guarantee the best quality of the product, following all the stages of the process internally.

  • Lilling machine Itama VS
  • Lathe Kami
  • 3 axis CNC milling machine
  • 5 axis CNC milling machine
  • Reference surface

Composite Materials

Our flagship is the composite materials department.

We are one of the fwe companies able to follow the entire process, from the sketch to the serviceable part.

To guarantee the best quality and the control on every part, we made internally all the stages: lamination (into our clean room), the cooking in autoclave and final finishing, for a 360° process control.

We are able to manage both pre-preg and wet lay-up composites, in an environment with humidity and temperature controlled.

The autoclave allows us to achieve the best mechanical and structural performances for the parts; without it, would be impossible follow and control internally all the process and achieve the best quality. After the cook in autoclave, the parts are finished in the finishing room for the painting or the gluing. Here we have installed the CORAL Polijet extractor bench for carbon powder, to guarantee a safety and clean work environment.

Engine Design

We project and build on request all the components of a motorcycle engine, through dedicate softwares and dyno test Bapro BPM-1R S, is possible to create and refine the engine maps. We can test and analyze every 2 strokes and 4 strokes engine.

Our services:

  • Study and realization of all the components of the engine
  • Engine map tuning
  • Performance and durability test
  • Road and racetrack simulation
  • Combustion chamber pressure checking


We customize and design based on your demand:

  • One-off motorcycle – complet design
  • Livery customization
  • Fairings studies
  • Motorcycle accesories
  • Other on demand