Philosophy and innovation

Praise to the lightness and innovation

“Simplify, then add lightness.” - Colin Chapman

In order to optimize and emphasize the news and technique innovations, faithful to the Vins philosophy which is represented with the Colin Chapman famous words “Simplify, then add lightness”, an ultra-light motorcycle in carbon fiber composites born, entirely hand-made, where the artisan work match the most advanced techniques. The most significant are the innovative 2 strokes engine with fuel injection, the front fork with double overlapped triangles, the carbon fiber monocoque chassis with the integrated front node and the aerodynamic study, which use the original radiator position. 


The start

When passion bring to the innovation

Starting from a little garage in 2013, Vincenzo Mattia – actual CEO of Vins and Ferrari employ at that time – “sacrify” his own CAgiva Mito 125 for his experiments and ideas in honour of the God of Speed. The very first engine designed and in other structural particulars, was possible to note what would have been the layout of the future Vins motorcycle. Into his garage Vincenzo build himself also a hoven to cook the first parts in carbon fiber.

Initially alone with his self-financed project, he was later supported by his actual business partners and friends whom have contributed to build and develop the first motorcycle. The people who joined the project were Vincenzo Doino (actual responsable of lamination and machining department), Giuseppe Evangelista (Mechanical engineer and technical bureau director), Davide Perino (CFO) and Nicola Trentani (Design director).

In the first year the V-twin two strokes engine was designed and builded with a carburettor, then the first dynamic test has followed on a Cagiva Mito chassis.

In 2014 the completely Vins motorcycle became a reality and the Cagiva chassis was abandoned. Thanks to the fundamental help of the professor Enrico Nino (Physical laboratory of UNIBAS University of Potenza) was applied the fuel injection system, indispensable for a modern project and to have a completely control of the engine development.

Thanks to their innovative connotation, at the Eicma fair in 2015 was unveiled in world premier the first “Powerlight” prototype and, in 2016, the bike was awarded by the German Design Council for the best design during the Motorcycle Brand Contest concourse, category “under 100kg”. In the same year, thanks to the experience of Attilio Giuliani (sixth member of the society), were started the procedures to found the Vins srl.


A dream come true

Vins foundation in Maranello

The 2017 is the year of the foundation of Vins srl in Maranello (MO). The ribbon-cutting ceremony with the mayor have turned the dream, started in a little garage, come true. Maranello was chosen to give a strong italianate connotation.

Result of the synergy of competences and professionality of the members, Vins was born with the intention to create a company able to satisfy various request. From the design connected with the development and customers personalization, from the mechanical design with professional softwares to the mechanical machining and composite materials realization, passing through the engineering of components like engine, suspensions and chassis. All realized in a big “atelier” in the name of the Made in Italy.

A continuous development never stopped through the years and which today can be proud of various patents, three only for the engine.

In 2017 was unveiled the prototype of Duecinquanta Competizione. In 2018 the bike reach the maturity to be produced in serie and was awarded  as the most innovative bike during the Best of Italy Race. In the same year was unveiled the new Duecinquanta Stradale, the road street version.

The passion for the two strokes during these years obtain a huge approval and in 2019 the Vins was invited at the Spurtleda58 event, during the MotoGP race weekend in Misano Adriatico, as a special guest.

Through the years the team Vins increased maintaining a dynamic and energetic work environment with an average age under the thirty years old, adding three new employes: Giovanni Luc (mechanical designer and test rider), Alessandro Chiostri (experienced laminator and composite materials quality control) and Alessandro Lunardon (engine developer and machine tool operator).

Is remarkable the second overall position reached by Vins in 2017 during the concourse for the automotive innovative start-up companies in Emilia-Romagna region.

FONDO STARTER – comparto del Fondo rotativo di finanza agevolata denominato “Multiscopo” costituito con delibera di Giunta regionale E.R. n.791/2016 e s.m.i., ai sensi dell’azione 3.5.1 -Asse 3 – POR FESR 2014-2020.

Was earned also the parameters necessary for the State subsidies:

  • Codice COR (ai sensi dell’art. 52 c6 legge n. 234/2012 e s.m.i.): 191780
  • Aiuto concesso ai sensi del reg. UE n. 651/2014 art. 22 “Aiuti alle imprese in fase di avviamento” per un importo pari a € 206.500.

Timeline company


Eicma 2015

World premier prototype Powerlight 140cc


Motorcycle Brand Contest

Best of Innovation & Design award for the Powerlight 140cc


Company foundation

Factory inauguration in Maranello (Mo)


Eicma 2017

World premiere prototype Vins 250cc in Competizione and Strada models


Best Of Italy Race

Most innovative motorcycle award


Eicma 2018

World unveiling of Duecinquanta Competizione MY2019 for sale and Duecinquanta Stradale prototype


Spurtledà58 event

Special guest at the event during MotoGP race weekend in Misano Adriatico


Best Of Italy Race

International event dedicate to celebrate the italian excellence in two and four wheels engineering


Eicma 2019

World premiere of Duecinquanta Competizione with the tribute livery Britten V1000 Limited Edition and unveiling of the Duecinquanta Stradale UK homologated.

World premiere of the electric powered prototype.

about us

Vins is synergy and passion.

Every member of our team is essential as essential is the share of the ideas in an environment of co-working between professional people to achieve the goal. A dynamic and energetic work environment which reflects team of professional people with an average age under the thirty years old.