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A real racing driving experience

For fun on the track unique and electrifying.

The Vins Duecinquanta Competizione track version is a no-compromise motorcycle with great performances and a two stroke fuenl-injected engine with 75 horsepower, able to ahcieve a maximum speed up to 230 kmph.

Compared to the road street version, has a more clear and aerodynamic shape, in addition to a lower weight.

Thanks to his lightness the Competizione needs less effort during the riding, which reduce the risks and give the possibility to be ride for more laps.

The technique innovations has changed the behaviour of the bike, which result with a better balance and handling.

Very good on braking and corner entering, the bike follow the path and let the rider make some correction on the apex easily.

The Duecinquanta track version has a great stability also in the high-speed corners, thanks to this doesn’t need a steering damper.

The engine, thanks to the fuel injection, has a linear and smooth torque output. Compared to the carburetor powered engines, for example, let the rider go out from the corners with a good acceleration from 6’000-6’500 rpm, forgiving driving mistakes and, at the same time, giving the possibility to ride in a more relaxed way.

The Hossack-scheme front fork allow to brake later and with more intensity compared with a telescopic fork giving an incredible sense of safety on braking.

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A modern sculpture shaped by the aerodynamic

A link between past and future.

The design is inspired by the modern and sharp-cornered motorcycles, with a determined style and volume changes, but also wink to the old style with classic shape which cover entirely the engine and intermesh old and new.

Compared to the first version, the new one has a modern layout with the lights in a vertical way – to guarantee the same area for the radiator ducts – and a new design for the tail.
From the tail to the tank, from the chassis to the front fairing, the Vins Duecinquanta Competizione keep a uniform shape in all his dimensions. A design created for a match of performance, comfort and style, designed to emphasize the technique innovations: from the engine to the unique cooling system with the radiator fixed into the chassis.

The Duecinquanta Competizione wanted give a tribute, with a limited edition livery, to an iconic motorcycle of the 90s: the Britten V1000, in his carachteristic blue and rose colours. The Vins has made a modern version of the V1000 livery, with metallic colours.

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