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“Simplify, then add lightness”

- Colin Chapman

Vins is the dream of a motorcycle voted to the extreme lightness. A sophisticated design that looks at maximum performance, where each component is optimized to perform multiple functions for a perfect fusion of mechanics and aesthetics.

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Design Essential, minimal and dynamic style resulting from an in-depth ‘dialogue’ between technology development and an extreme research of lightness. All the parts are designed to be both aesthetics and functional, creating something as new and original as the chassis, which is the best example of the fusion between style and functionality. Design Engine An innovative Tandem V-twin electronic fuel injected 2-stroke engine, with 90° V-arranged twin cylinders and double contra-rotating shaft. 6-speed extractable gearbox with tailor-made reinforced clutch. Electronically servo-controlled exhaust valves. Double cooling system with integrated water tank. Engine Chassis Self-supporting carbon fiber monocoque chassis with integrated front joining assembly. The sculptured and draped shape is an aerodynamic duct itself and encloses the front joining assembly, cooling radiator, fuel tank substaining the engine. Chassis Suspensions The suspension pattern includes both a double wishbone front suspension and a rear parallel double push-rod suspension system, both with adjustable single shock absorber. The single front and rear forks are made of carbon fibre, as the rims. Suspensions Aerodynamics The aerodynamics and thermodynamics study main element is the cooling radiator. It is tailor-made and smaller than those on the market. However it keeps the same properties through a new position, thanks to which it can be feed by the fresh airflows, directly coming from the high pressure zone. Aerodynamics

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