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Vins Motors at Ace Cafe London_9january

Vins Motors, successfully filed the Event at Ace Cafe London

“It was fantastic, we received a lot of enthusiasm and positive feedback” the words of Vincenzo Mattia – CEO Vins Motors – at the end of the presentation event at the Ace Cafè London. The latter is one of the … Read More

Vins at Ace Cafe London

Vins at Ace Cafe London

Would you like to see the Vins Duecinquanta Strada UK-homologated live? Save the date and take part in the presentation event in London at Ace Cafe London.  The event will take place on 9th of January at the Ace Cafe … Read More

Vins and SmartCAE, a winning combination

Vins Motors, thanks to the expert support of SmartCAE, has obtained better performances, higher quality and lower cost in the realization of the composite structures of the Vins Duecinquanta. Vins relied on Smartcae for structural calculations in the preparation of … Read More